Deborah Bruser stepped into her first role at the Yellowknife Public Library (YPL) as Public Services Librarian in 1996, becoming Library Manager in 2003.  She had attained her MLS at the University of British Columbia, and moved to Yellowknife with Brian and their family in 1986.

Through the years, Deborah has shown herself to be an intense, focused and passionate librarian with a very strong interest in promoting and maintaining professional ideals within librarianship.  In practice, she’s an expert in collections development.  Her inquiring mind, wide-ranging interests and knowledge of our unique northern community have been integral in creating a truly outstanding collection that both she and the City of Yellowknife should be proud of.

Her expertise in public librarianship doesn’t end there.  Over the years, she’s promoted a robust suite of programs that range from intriguing (Human Library) to engaging (Yellowknife Reads) to just plain fun for children (like the very popular T.A.I.L.S. Read to a Dog program).

Her understanding of the importance of a welcoming and comfortable environment led her to successfully lobby for physical improvements to the YPL that are today appreciated by patrons and staff alike.  She arrived to a dark and rather dingy facility, and managed its transformation to an open and colourful space filled with timely displays designed to catch the eye and interest of toddlers, teens, and beyond.

Deborah is retiring from her position amidst accolades from the staff at both the YPL and the City.  That she should be held in such high esteem by the people she’s worked most closely with says a lot about her as a professional and as a person.  Over the years, she’s been an exemplary colleague to many of us.  To me she’s a cherished friend.

Deborah and Brian are pulling up stakes … leaving Yellowknife for the exceedingly green and leafy Victoria where they will pursue their many and varied interests, though probably not a lot of skiing.

– Carolynn Kobelka