Riel is the Legislative Librarian at the Nunavut Legislative Library.


What’s an average day at the library? 

It varies depending on the time of year. We’re busy when the Legislative Assembly is in session. We get many reference questions and document requests, while making the new Legislative documents that we receive available to the public. When the Assembly isn’t in session, we spend most of our time on collection development, cataloguing, administration, maintaining our e-repository collection, responding to reference questions and preparing for the next sitting of the Assembly. Over the past year we’ve been dedicating a lot of our time to migrating to a new Integrated Library System (ILS).

What was the first job you ever had? 

Delivering newspapers (Journal Pioneer – PEI) in my hometown when I was 13.

What do you do to stay up to date in your field? 

I try to read as much as I can online. I pay close attention to what other legislative libraries in Canada are doing through our professional association (APLIC) and when I hear about something new that could apply to our library I start doing research on the topic. I tend to avoid online courses and workshops that stream video because of the slow internet speeds in Nunavut, but that could change as bandwidth infrastructure in the territory improves.

If you didn’t work in information services, what do you think you’d be doing? 

I enjoy the systems side of the library and information management field, so I could see myself working in the IT or web design field. However, I think I would really miss answering reference questions and doing historical research.