Nicole Eva has been a librarian at the University of Lethbridge since receiving her MLIS as a second career in August 2008. She liaises with many different academic units and is involved with instruction, collections management, reference, and scholarly communications. She often wonders how she didn’t realize she belonged in libraries earlier.


What’s an average day at your library?

Crazy. Often running from meeting to class to the reference desk with very little “in-office” time to catch up on the flurry of emails. Every day is different, but that’s part of what I love about my job – never boring!

What was the first job you ever had? 

Bussing tables at the Sands Hotel in Saskatoon.

What was your first position in the library or information field? 

This one!

How do you stay up to date in your field? 

I scan the table of contents of both library journals and journals in the subject areas I liaise with, and print those I want to read in-depth. At any time I probably have 25-50 articles in my “to read” pile. I also follow several librarians on Twitter who are often sharing great blog posts and articles, and I read Brain-Work blog from the U of S-based Centre for Evidence Based Library and Information Practice (C-EBLIP). I’m also on many different listservs, and attend at least a couple of conferences every year as well.

What is your favourite part of library, archive, or information services work?

I love seeing the range of research people are doing in an academic environment, from undergraduates to professors. Reference questions are always enlightening to new topics and ideas that I may not have encountered before. I really enjoy helping people at the reference desk because they are always so thankful for the help.

What are you reading or watching right now? 

Watching – The Amazing Race Canada! (yes, I’m an old-school TV watcher).

Reading – The Harry Potter series to my six year old!

If you didn’t work in information services, what do you think you’d be doing? 

Probably either still toiling away in advertising or maybe freelance writing or editing.

What is the best career advice you’ve ever received? 

I received a lot of encouragement and suggestions on things to publish and present from a (now-retired) colleague which I think established good habits for me early on and has helped me advance in my academic career.

What’s the coolest thing in your office or on your desk? 

The Nuts About Work Librarian figurine my mom got me when I became a librarian. 🙂

What makes you passionate about library work?

I love helping people, I love being in an academic environment, and I think libraries of all kinds are critical to an equal and just society. Universities couldn’t function without academic libraries and the access they provide, but I actually think public libraries are even more important with all of the services and resources they provide to anyone who walks through their doors. I’ve been a heavy public library user since I was a small child and I continue to be one today, and happily can say that my child has become one too.