Marca Simba (maiden name Mackenzie) was raised in Behchoko and works at the Elizabeth Mackenzie Elementary School Public Library there. She attended and graduated from Chief Jimmy Bruneau High School. She is married and has two sons. She comes from a big family of educators starting with her late grandmother, Elizabeth Mackenzie.

marca simba

Describe yourself in three words.

Quiet, shy and cheeky. I had a co-worker describe me and she said, “hard-working, honest and reliable.”

What’s an average day at your library?

An average day in our library is an everyday learning experience with a lot of traffic.

What is the first job you ever had?

The first job I ever had was at the age of 13, I became a camp attendant at a fishing and hunting lodge.

What was your first position in library services?

My first position in the library was volunteer work at Welehdeh Library cataloguing books for high school credits.

How do you stay up to date in your field?

I stay up to date in my field by searching online and asking the public for feedback.

What is your favourite part of library services?

My favourite part of the library is the Northern Collection. I love how we can read stories about our own people of the Tlicho and the North.

What are you currently reading and watching?

I am currently watching a television series called 911 and trying to read Indian Horse by Richard Wagamese.

If you didn’t work in information services, what do you think you’d be doing?

If I didn’t work in information services I would be a stay at home mom and a substitute teacher here at Elizabeth Mackenzie Elementary School.

What is the coolest thing in your office?

The coolest thing in my office (which is the library) is the 20+ year old terrarium and the caribou hide teepee.

What makes you passionate about library service?

The books and the people are what makes me passionate about working in the library. Getting the children away from electronic devices and interested in wanting to learn how to read through books again is very important.