The objectives of the Association are:

  1. To promote and facilitate the exchange of ideas, problems, and solutions among people concerned with library service in all geographic areas of the Northwest Territories;
  2. To stimulate and foster interest in the use of libraries and in the preservation of archival material;
  3. To recommend policies for the development and provision of library services to the appropriate official bodies;
  4. To provide professional advice and assistance to all those engaged in the dissemination of information;
  5. To encourage members’ participation in professional development;
  6. To foster communication with similar organizations throughout Canada and elsewhere;
  7. To promote intellectual freedom in the Northwest Territories

2019-2020 NWTLA Executive

President: Alessandra Waddell, Aurora College Library, Yellowknife Campus

Vice President: Sabrina Roberts, Yellowknife Public Library

Treasurer: Elizabeth Ferch, Archivist with the Prince of Wales Northern Heritage Centre

Secretary: Elizabeth Ferch, Archivist with the Prince of Wales Northern Heritage Centre


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